Comp-N-Choke - A Choke Tube for All Types of Hunting and Competition

Screw-in shotgun choke tubes
• Significantly reduces recoil
The tube design of the Comp-N-Choke allows gases to vent through slots creating a braking system which reduces recoil.

• Easy field installation
No special wrench is required. Normally, it can be removed by hand or with any object that will fit the holes in the end of the choke tube (nail, small screwdriver, etc.)

• Improves shot pattern consistently
Slots grab the wad momentarily to allow shot to separate from the wad before exiting the barrel, improving shot pattern consistency.

• 100% workmanship guaranteed
Comp-N-Choke tubes are made to precise tolerances with high-quality steel. Workmanship is 100% guaranteed when used as intended.